Fierce Upper Cervical Warrior: An Interview With Dr. Drew Hall

by The Atlas of Life on March 25, 2009

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Dr. Drew Hall is one of the most fiery, passionate Upper Cervical Chiropractors I have met. I first met him at the Blair Conference last September in Dallas. I then had the chance of getting to know him a little more at the UCHC Marketing seminar last month. For me, it is fun to hear the stories he tells when he was in chiropractic school. It helps me to stay focused in my own schooling journey, which, thankfully, is nearing its end.

Dr. Drew has a fierce passion for Upper Cervical Chiropractic that is not seen very often.

Don’t get me wrong, most Upper Cervical Chiropractors are passionate. But Dr. Drew takes it beyond that. He will defend this principle at any and all costs without thinking twice.

He graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College LA nearly eight years ago and came out with guns a-blazing. Not much has changed it seems, except for the fact that he now has bigger, more sophisticated weaponry.

I am grateful for the time Dr. Drew took out of his busy schedule to answer questions for The Atlas of Life.

Brandon: How did you discover Upper Cervical Chiropractic?

Dr. Drew: “I found out about Upper Cervical Care from a homeopathic Doctor. After a very long consultation and history she uncovered a wrestling accident I had had when I was seventeen. To me that accident was just another triviality of life.  But to her it was a possible cause for my health problems.

Thankfully this doctor put her patient’s health first, not her pocket book. She said to me, “Drew, I think I can help you. However I think you will be better served by seeing this man.”

That man was my savior, Dr. Tom Forest. I will never ever forget that day. That message changed my life on every single level and continues to.

After that first adjustment I have led a life led by design. Being connected from ADIO with that which created this entire universe is a gift.

And it is that GIFT that we have the opportunity to share with each patient. The gift of living with the infinite!”

Brandon: How has your health changed since getting under Upper Cervical Chiropractic care?

Dr. Drew: “My life prior to care was one of misery. I had a wrestling accident where I was dropped upside down on my head from two feet off the ground.

Being a boy, I thought it was just another notch on my belt. However that trauma was a trauma that radically changed my life.  It led me down a road of suffering for two years.

At first it was nagging headaches, sleep disturbances, stiff neck, low back pain, lower energy.  After a year’s time I just got worse. My sinuses swelled shut, headaches were constant, depression ensued, severe insomnia, nausea so bad I had to force myself to eat. It wasn’t a pretty scene.  But I was young and figured it would eventually go away.

It wasn’t until I had thoughts of suicide that I told my parents.

A five month medical debacle ensued. These mental midgets figured it was all in my head. They were damn close… just about an inch below my head at my ATLAS. Instead of these doctors admitting that they had no answers I was told to see a psychiatrist.

Unfortunately each year in  practice I see about 100 who have been led down the same road by our wonderful disease care system. Instead of realizing they have limitations to what they can do, they pass the buck off on sick suffering patients and tell them it is their fault! What a joke!  These patients are custom tailored for Upper Cervical.  These are the people I love to see in my office.  The ones who have almost lost hope. This is what I live for.

It is our job as Upper Cervical doctors to make a precise correction to unlock that free flow of wisdom which does the healing.  IT IS ABOUT AS SIMPLE AS THAT!

So to answer your question, Upper Cervical saved my life and it also allowed me to do something for the rest of my life which has purpose!”

Brandon: What is the most amazing thing you have witnessed in your clinic?

Dr. Drew: “Boy that is a tough one. There are so many things that happen.

If I had to pick one thing it would have to be a lady who was married to a neuro surgeon who had 4 failed back surgeries. A chronic migraine for 2 and a half years, chronic ear infection resistant to anti-biotic (which bled for a year straight), insomnia, bed ridden many days of the week, vertigo, had a cane, etc.

After her first correction she got out of the rest area and her headache of 2.5 years was gone, never to return. Her ears stopped bleeding in the first week. Her back pain cleared in one month and within two months was asymptomatic. And all of that was accomplished with one correction!

But to be honest, there is such a litany of recoveries that it is really hard to nail down. Seven cases of deafness recovering, impotent men regaining their function, etc. It is all just quite amazing what can happen when you get the atlas off the cord!”

Brandon: What message can you convey to someone who is suffering from a debilitating disease and has not yet discovered Upper Cervical Chiropractic?

Dr. Drew: “That is simple… I DO NOT CARE HOW MANY DRUGS YOU TAKE, HOW MANY MASSAGES YOU GET, WHAT PHYSICAL THERAPIST YOU HAVE SEEN… All of those things may help you feel better, but NONE of them will get you to function at a higher potential.

THERE is only one thing I have found to this point in my life that increases the human potential and that is removing interference to the spinal cord.

If you are sick and have not had that examined, you will only be as good as you are with that interference. That is not to negate the great things that nutrition, acupuncture, massage, etc. can do.  But NONE of them will increase your potential until you remove that which decreases the flow of LIFE in the human body! That is the BOTTOM LINE!!!!!!!!”

Brandon: Except for a select few, most chiropractic colleges do not expose their students to Upper Cervical Chiropractic. Yet they drive home the idea of using modalities and functional assessment protocols to “treat” the patient. What is your opinion on this?

Dr. Drew: “It is a DAMN ABOMINATION against the principles set forth by our founders.

To tell you the truth, it makes me sick. It shows a lack of awareness, a lack of skill, a lack of common sense on the part of those involved in the degradation of our profession.

I have no problems with physical therapy. I have no problems with functional assessment. I have no problems with surgeries and drugs when they are absolutely necessary.

I do have a very BIG problem with people who come into our profession and try to change it into something other than what it is.  CHIROPRACTIC IS ONE THING. IT IS THE ART, SCIENCE, AND PHILOSOPHY of removing nerve interference by adjusting a vertebral subluxation. THAT IS IT.

Do we see people go to medical school and get told that drugs kill people? And if we did, would the teachers stand up, or the instituional heads stand up and say, “Man you are right. We should all adjust people instead!” No, they say, “What in the hell are you doing here and if you don’t do what we do get the hell out.” This is what we need to do.

The only difference is that we actually have a solid cause, to defend what is ours. We have a principle that is the truth. And WE have let mental midgets ruin our profession.

If they do not like what chiropractic is then they should go into some other profession. It is okay if they think it is nonsense.  It is not okay for them to try and change what we do because they are too ignorant and educated to see the simplistic truth of ADIO chiropractic!

Our profession has moved closer and closer to the medical model. It is a result of too may people not understanding the big idea. TOO many people lose their way as result of chasing money and not sticking to the principle. It is the result of too many people not doing specific work and as a result their results on patients do not reflect what their philosophy told them.

And so, instead of blaming their technique or themselves as the cause for their lack results, they take the low road and blame chiropractic. When in reality what they should do is go do something else.

If you are incompetent at getting the sick well you should move on or get better. It is not the incompetents’ job to change what the competent are doing.

And I am afraid this is what is happening in our profession. WE are graduating thousands people that are so lost they haven’t the foggiest idea of what chiropractic is.

And as a result our profession is moving further and further away from what it was founded on. THIS IS A VERY BIG PROBLEM for those of you that LOVE the TRUTH. It is our job to take back what is ours and get rid of the people who have no vision, no foresight.

They can go start some other profession. That is what they should do. The functional assessment people should go to PT school. The diagnostic people should go to medical school. The rehab people should become personal trainers. That is my opinion.

Our profession is going down a very dangerous rabbit hole that is looking more like medicine than chiropractic. BJ SAID, “Someday chiropractors will be practicing medicine and medicine will be practicing chiropractic.” I see that happening faster and faster. And something needs to be done or straight UC chiropractic will be DONE!”

Brandon: A new trend has begun where chiropractors doing general spinal manipulations are calling themselves Upper Cervical Chiropractors. They are doing rotary breaks, claiming their adjustments can lower blood pressure. What are your thoughts on that?

Dr. Drew: “They are gutless fools who have little integrity. They are lying to themselves. They are lying to their patients. They should have their license taken away for false advertising!

But if you understand innate  it doesn’t really matter. These people will fail eventually. YOU cannot double cross innate. You will lose.

And that is exactly what will happen to these people. They may ride our coat tails for a while, however, in the end, the principles that govern this universe will right their action!

For those who get bothered by these people: keep getting results that they cannot get and you will have nothing to worry about!!”

Brandon: You are currently the President of the Blair Chiropractic Society. Can you describe what it is like to carry out that responsibility?

Dr. Drew: “Being president of the Blair society has been great. WE have a lot of very talented people on the board and in our membership base that are doing fantastic things.

The society is growing. Our reach in the schools is growing.

This is the vision of the society: To keep Blair pure and unsullied and reach as many people in the profession and within the schools as possible to do this amazing work.

Its drawbacks are having to put up with people criticizing decisions that you make. And I will just leave it at that.

Blair is thriving and it will continue to do so with the likes of TOM FOREST, Todd Hubbard, Darren White, Margaret Banitch, and others involved that are helping move the ship forward. WE WILL NOT BE DENIED.”

Brandon: What is your vision of the future of Upper Cervical Chiropractic?

Dr. Drew: “My vision for Upper Cervical is simple. This procedure should be available to every man, woman, and child in this world. It should be the core curriculum at all of our colleges.

This vision WILL be brought forth by the great people that exist within our Upper Cervical Ranks. As you know, there is a massive movement that is happening within the profession at this time.

There are things happening o every front that are bringing this message to the forefront: Dr. Kerr on Montel and The Doctors, UCHCA, Hollywood producing a documentary movie, UC being taught on more campuses, etc.

I believe that UCHC (Upper Cervical Health Centers) will be vital in bringing UC to the world. For too long there have been technique wars. United we stand, separated we fall. It is time that ALL UC techniques band together to bring the UC message to the world in a united front. There is power in having everyone on board to make this a reality. I do not believe that we need to combine techniques. What needs to be done is a unification around the Upper Cervical Principle.

This is the common link between all of the techniques. And this is what we must stand on and unify on. It is our common purpose.

UC is on the move. BJ’s vision is in its second wave. And in due time this TRUTH will reach the masses. I feel honored to be able to work in a profession that does so much good and is so amazingly rewarding. I can’t imagine doing anything else!!!!!!”

Once again, thank you to Dr. Drew Hall for his time and honesty. We all appreciate greatly.