Yours Truly Featured At Next Generation Chiropractor

by The Atlas of Life on May 29, 2009

If you were at Upper Cervical Evolution, you probably remember Dr. Darren White and Dr. Shawn Dill speaking about the importance of using social media and blogs to advance the cause of Upper Cervical Chiropractic. Heck, if you read this blog, you’ve already read my views on that topic.

Recently, I discovered a really great blog called Next Generation Chiropractor by Dr. Patrick MacNamara. Dr. MacNamara is very knowledgeable on social media and his blog is dedicated to helping others learn how to utilize it properly.

Every Friday, he has a feature called #FollowFriday in which he features a new doctor. If you don’t know what #FollowFriday means, get onto Twitter and you will find out. Basically, people post tweets with names of their Twitter friends to expose others to people they might not know yet.

In the spirit of Twitter, Dr. MacNamara posted a #FollowFriday feature about me earlier today:

Twitter’s #FollowFriday Featured Chiropractor, Dr. Brandon Harshe

Go check it out. It’s a great blog.

Don’t be afraid to send Dr. MacNamara your information, too. You can never get enough exposure on the internet, right?