For Chiropractic Students: Who Needs a Resume When You Have a Blog?

by The Atlas of Life on September 1, 2009

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When I started this blog, my main focus was getting the word out about Upper Cervical Chiropractic and the opportunity for a better, healthier lifestyle. Nothing has changed. That is still the goal of The Atlas of Life.

What I did not expect was the attention this blog has gotten, nor the doors that would open up for me as a result. For example:

-Dr. Paul Hambrick interviewed me back in March for his website.
-I was interviewed for and featured in Chiropractic Economics.
-As a student from a different school, two of my blog interviews were featured in the Palmer Beacon.
-I was mentioned by name by several speakers at Upper Cervical Evolution.
-I’ve been invited to work with several doctors.

I do not say any of these things with the intention of bragging whatsoever. I consider myself a humble guy, so sometimes this attention blows me away. I say all this to illustrate the impact that you, as a student, can have on your profession and for the public despite trying to survive the allopathic garbage spoon-fed to you on a daily basis.

Personally, I hate resumes. I actually hate them with a passion. Probably because mine has pretty much sucked my entire life. Let’s see… door-to-door sales, waiter, pizza delivery, apartment leasing agent, real estate agent, collections, several other crappy call center jobs, valet parking, etc. Professionally, I’ve done a whole lot of nothing up to this point. Don’t get me wrong- I still haven’t practiced in the real world yet, so the jury’s still out there… but something tells me I’ll be okay.

This blog has completely revealed who I am in a chiropractic sense. I am a straight upper cervical chiropractor. I will not do any therapies or modalities, nor do I agree with their efficacy. I don’t agree with being a “physician” who “diagnoses symptoms.” I could add more, but I think it’s pretty self explanatory how I feel about everything as it relates to chiropractic.

That’s the whole point: my blog is my resume. You want to ask me questions about a particular subject? Chances are I have already addressed it here.

opening doors of opportunityThis blog has opened the door for me to work where I want with whoever I want, as one prominent doctor told me once. I’ve downplayed it, but when several doctors contact you and invite you to work with them, that’s hard to downplay.

There is a need for the information we have, especially on the internet. People are looking for a better way. With all the talk of the fabricated swine flu and the pandemic its vaccine will actually create, prescription drugs, childhood obesity, and many other things inundating us at every corner (especially on Facebook!), it’s a fresh sight to behold when someone sees something that actually gives them hope. That’s what The Atlas of Life is all about.

So even if you feel stressed out with school, exams, clinic, and boards, you can still make a difference. There is a way to impact people’s lives in a bigger way as a student, and still get through school. I did it, and that was with a large family that needed my attention, too.

This mission is bigger than all of us combined. Upper Cervical, and even chiropractic as a whole, is bigger than all of us combined. B.J. Palmer told us to “Guard it Well.” We, as a profession, have done a horrible job of that, allowing the allopathic moles to creep in and distort everything chiropractic stands for. If more of us can guard it well on the internet, maybe, just maybe we can chip away at this stigma we have created for ourselves.

You can either be a part of it, or you can sit on your hands. It’s up to you.

But, sitting on your hands won’t open doors for you.