Advocating Upper Cervical Through UpCspine: An Interview With Greg Buchanan

by The Atlas of Life on September 23, 2009

greg buchanan, upcspineGreg Buchanan has become one of the leading Upper Cervical Chiropractic patient advocates around. He suffered from a slew of health problems that were attributed to “old age”… at 43! Those health problems quickly diminished after he got under upper cervical care.

Greg has been a major player as an IT expert at both Microsoft and Apple Computer. His professional success has allowed him to throw a lot of time and resources into the cause of upper cervical.

Those resources culminate most visibly at Greg created this site as an online resource to people who want to know more about upper cervical. Heck, it helps doctors and students as well. When I first started looking into upper cervical, I started there.

I am really excited about posting this interview. I’d like to thank Greg for his time answering these questions for The Atlas of Life.

Brandon: Can you explain to us what kind of health problems you were experiencing before you discovered Upper Cervical Chiropractic?

Greg: “I experienced myriad distressing symptoms. These can be found at

They got progressively worse over time and began to impact all aspects of my life. The most distressing I would have to say was the one where my blood pressure would drop to 70/50 when laying horizontal. My GP at the time told me that low blood pressure was a good thing. Hmmm…. I don’t think 70/50 is real good! My BP would come back to normal when sitting or standing up. I slept most nights propped up vertically so as to avoid the horrible feelings associated with the low BP.”

Brandon: How did you first learn about Upper Cervical Chiropractic?

Greg: “During my research of what was ailing me I discovered a close link with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction. The symptoms one can experience with TMJ dysfunction are remarkably similar to what I was feeling. After wearing multiple night appliances and getting relief when I had one inserted but not when out, I contacted a dentist who indicated that “if you have had a head injury you probably have a C1 problem and need to see a chiropractor.” Huh? What’s C1? That was when I started researching C1 and bumbled across lots of information about upper cervical chiropractic.”

Brandon: How did Upper Cervical Chiropractic change your life?

Greg: “My life is totally different to what it was prior to my head injury and finding out about upper cervical chiropractic. As you may know I was working in the IT industry and was extremely successful. I worked for Apple Computer as their Technical Director in Australia for close on 10 years and for Microsoft also as Technical Director about 7 years. I had a blossoming IT career (since age 18) and considered myself as a seasoned IT professional. I had a young family and my life revolved around my family and my job. I regularly visited the USA for conferences and meetings and made many wonderful friends in America, S.E. Asia and here in Australia as a result of my career.

Following my head injury and subsequent list of distressing symptoms my life as I knew it came tumbling down. I could no longer function effectively at work or at home and found myself irritated easily. Anyone who knew me prior to my head injury would know that this was not at all consistent with my character.

But you see, medical professionals were telling me that all of my symptoms were basically in my head and that at 43 years of age I was getting old and should expect such health problems! What the..?!?

The only people sympathetic to what was occurring needless to say were my close friends and family. Now anyone will tell you that I’m a strong willed person but these events started to shake that very foundation. My beliefs and faith in the medical system disintegrated in front of my eyes.

To find an upper cervical chiropractor, which I might add was by sheer chance, was the most exhilarating, enjoyable, beautiful, and comforting experience ever. To know that there are people out there who actually listen to you, understand what you are going through and can help you is in stark contrast to what I experienced with the “modern” medical system.

After my first ‘specific’ adjustment of the atlas vertebra (C1) by a qualified upper cervical chiropractor I broke down and cried. Apart from the adjustment being overwhelmingly gentle, relief for the majority of symptoms I was experiencing was immediate. Others disappeared over a slightly longer period. Once I found out about this and realized just how much sense it made I started sending patients to my upper cervical chiropractor, almost a 2 hour drive away.

Not surprisingly, as those like us close to upper cervical doctors have come to know, these patients were also getting relief and reversing conditions they’d had for years. Many children also responded magnificently. Seeing children benefit was the catalyst for my life changing decision. I resigned from Microsoft and my career in IT which had spanned decades and began researching, reading, and meeting with medical doctors & other professionals to find out more about the upper cervical phenomenon and of course upper cervical chiropractic. I am now a patient advocate of upper cervical chiropractic.”

Brandon: You created the website, which is serving as the premier online database of Upper Cervical Chiropractic information. How did that come about?

Greg: “I wouldn’t really describe it as a ‘premier’ online database. The website is just an expression of my thoughts on this subject. I thought it would be quicker to get some information out to the public via the website versus writing a book on the subject. I have quite a bit of that book finished but its like everything else, it requires locking myself away for a few months and finishing it. I’ll get around to it one day!

As my website developed I could see how it could really be developed. In fact, I am right at this moment planning another iteration. I really would like ‘upper cervical chiropractic’ to be given a chance by governments around the World. I would like to see research funds applied to the profession because I know that this really is the answer to a lot of health issues. The blood pressure study done by the NUCCA team and published in the Journal of Hypertension was just the tip of the iceberg. The best way to get started was my website and so that’s how it came about.

Brandon: You were featured in the video “The Power of Upper Cervical.” Can you tell us a little bit about that experience?

Greg: “In Australia working on my Black Belt in Karate, I met a young budding movie director. It turned out that this young man was the son of a friend of mine from the early 1970’s with whom I surfed. This meeting was fate I guess you could say. He rekindled my interest in movie making and we formed a company New Realms Films to enable him to fulfill his ambition of becoming a movie director. We have 4 projects under development.

In meeting people in the upper cervical world I managed to be introduced to a lady by the name of Cristina Barretta. Cristina had acquired Fibromyalgia which inflicts many people around the World. Supposedly, there is no known cure. She was treated by an upper cervical chiropractor and as a result Cristina decided that she to should dedicate her spare hours to promoting upper cervical chiropractic. Ask Cristina how she feels about upper cervical chiropractic.

Cristina is married to Bill Barretta, of Muppets fame. Bill, Cristina and Jackson, their son, have become very close and dear friends of mine. We collaborated on the documentary, The Power of Upper Cervical. Bill produced and directed the film and Cristina and I were Executive Producers and did a lot of the research. Yes, I also appeared in the film. That’s me at the very beginning. This was a truly great experience. Thanks to all the people at Storyville Studios (Hollywood) and the independent crew which Bill was able to pull together for the film shoot.”

Brandon: How do you view your role in the world of Upper Cervical Chiropractic?

Greg: “I guess everyone at some stage struggles with the reasons as to why we are here on the Earth? How did we get here? etc ..

I have worked out that my job on Earth is to tell people about the wonderful benefits of upper cervical chiropractic.

But further, given my engineering and IT background, I want to see well constructed research prove what I and thousands of others already know. Upper cervical chiropractic care works and may well be one of the best kept health secrets ever.

My role for the rest of my life is to tell the World about upper cervical care. You will see more evidence of this desire in the future.”

Brandon: Do have any other projects you are working on related to Upper Cervical Chiropractic?

Greg: “Yes. A full length documentary to rival The Power of Upper Cervical.

I am also pursuing further studies in research methodology. Not that I don’t already have that training given the 3 degrees I have were full of such methodologies and training. Its just that I like to shore up my skills before proceeding headlong into battle.

I’m also working with Upper Cervical Health Centers of America in trying to make upper cervical chiropractic care available to people everywhere. This kind of stuff could keep me busy forever.

Brandon: What is your vision for the future of Upper Cervical Chiropractic?

Greg: “My personal vision is to see it propagated throughout the world in the form that B.J. Palmer would have wanted it to be. I want to see it as easily accessible as other forms of health services. I want to see it receive its share of research funds from governments all around the world. I would like to see medical doctors working in tandem with upper cervical chiropractors and I would like to see ALL chiropractors around the world practicing ‘SPECIFIC’ upper cervical chiropractic care. Nothing more, nothing less…