The Atlas of Life October Interviews

by The Atlas of Life on October 30, 2009

january harse, dr. ben kuhn, frank ju, coaction software

If you missed any of these October interviews, here they are once again. Enjoy!

Supportive and Principled Upper Cervical Wife and Mother: An Interview with January Harshe - My wife January is one of the most hard core chiropractic advocates I know. She has a stronger chiropractic philosophy than just about everyone I meet. It was even stronger than mine for a long time, until I got my act together. Chiropractic is a calling for January. However, we have had kids and that has put any plans she has had to be a chiropractor on hold. She has sacrificed her dreams for the good of our kids and for that, I don’t have words to describe my admiration.

Assisting Upper Cervical Through Software: An Interview With Frank Ju - Frank Ju is known among Upper Cervical Chiropractors because he provides software to streamline the upper cervical practice. I’ve talked to him several times by phone and it is easy to understand the passion he has for upper cervical.

Precise Upper Cervical Visionary: An Interview With Dr. Benjamin Kuhn - Dr. Benjamin Kuhn has commented regularly on my blog since I started it back in January. We’ve talked back and forth on Facebook as well. But I finally got to meet him a couple weekends ago at the NUCCA Conference when it was out in Dallas. I stopped by one night to see some friends and meet some people, Dr. Kuhn among others. He’s a really good guy with an intensity about upper cervical and NUCCA that is very apparent. His confidence and certainty in what he does is infectious.

Driven to Succeed with Upper Cervical: An Interview with Dr. Paige Van Slooten – Dr. Paige Van Slooten is one busy Upper Cervical Chiropractor. She is one of the founders and coaches of That Something coaching program, as well as The Specific Chiropractic Centers. She is routinely teaching students and young doctors about the principles of Upper Cervical Chiropractic. As of late, she has been doing all this while pregnant.