The Atlas of Life Sporting a New Look with the Thesis Theme

by The Atlas of Life on March 8, 2010

thesis, diythemes, upper cervical chiropracticJust in case you were wondering why it looks a little different around here, I changed the theme of my blog to Thesis. For those of you not familiar with Thesis, it is a theme that was custom designed to aid the blogger in increasing his/her search engine optimization (SEO). I’ve had my eye on the Thesis theme for a while. I believe it will only aid me in my objective of getting the word out to the masses on the internet.

As far as the theme design goes, I’m not quite finished with some minor details, so you will inevitably see some of those changes in the coming days and weeks. Overall, I have decided to go with a minimalist design for The Atlas of Life.

Because of my newfound minimalist approach to the blog’s design, this means I had to reduce my link list significantly. I have kept links to Upper Cervical Chiropractic Organizations and Recommended Patient Resources. These are links that will aid patients or potential patients in finding helpful information and answers to their health related questions that don’t get answered here.

No more blog links, business links, or practice links. If I don’t make this change now, eventually I would be looking at 400 links. Not very aesthetic and not very minimalist. Not to mention, people wouldn’t be able to tell which links have the information they are specifically seeking and which links do not.

There are additional changes in store for The Atlas of Life, but none of them I can reveal yet. Stay tuned!