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by The Atlas of Life on March 22, 2010

The Atlas of Life Chiropractic DirectoryAfter weeks of research, planning, and work setting this up, The Atlas of Life Chiropractic Directory is finally up and running!

Now when you come to The Atlas of Life, not only can you read about real chiropractic, you will also have the chance to find a good chiropractor in your area.

We are constantly receiving emails from people and messages from friends on Facebook inquiring about a good chiropractor in their area.

So we decided to create a directory of our own that we can recommend for people during their chiropractor search.

However, this directory is going to be quite a bit different from any we have personally seen. The main reason is that it is on a website with a blog that updates seven days a week. Currently, The Atlas of Life ranks higher than any other Upper Cervical Chiropractic website on the internet. It also garners a respectable standing among other general chiropractic websites overall. This is all according to research done on Blogs are ideal for good search engine optimization (SEO) because they are always updating. In this case, The Atlas of Life updates very frequently.

The second reason is how the listing will look.

Directory Listing Details

Each individual chiropractor listing will be its own separate blog post. The title of the listing will obviously be your name and clinic details. However, we will use meta tags and descriptions to heavily optimize each listing so that it ranks higher on search engine results for chiropractors in your area. If you do not know what metadata is, it is keywords and phrases that are inserted into the coding of the web page… basically data about data. You can read about it here.

Each listing will include your name, clinic name, address, phone number, fax number, website URL, and secondary URLs for up to five of your various social media profiles.

Each listing will also have one or two images of your choice: personal photo, practice logo, etc. If you choose two images to place on your listing, you will have to have one personal photo and one practice logo.

Listings will also cover technique, technique certification status if applicable, education, certifications, office equipment pertinent to your practice, a description of your practice, and a Google map to better aid in finding your location. Click here to see a sample.

Also, if you have patients that would like to share testimonials on how chiropractic helped them, they can leave it in the comment section directly below the listing.

We will also give a link to each new listing on the Weekly Link Fest posts. It will include a link to the new listing itself, as well as the chiropractor’s website. Getting links to your site from other sites that have good SEO always increase your search engine rankings. That is our goal with the listings here.


The Atlas of Life has been dedicated to Upper Cervical Chiropractic, as well as fundamental chiropractic principles for over a year now.  We will use the same dedication in reviewing and accepting each listing submitted. We want to ensure patients are being sent to principled chiropractors.

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