Preparing For Chiropractic Success: An Interview With Dr. Victor Manzo, Jr.

by The Atlas of Life on April 7, 2010

Dr. Victor Manzo, Jr. and I graduated in the same class together last August. We got to know each other for the first time back in clinic camp in Tri 7 when our group had to put together a skit. He and I ad-libbed a really lame prison fight that was pretty much the highlight of our group’s pitiful skit.

In getting to know him more since then, I was always impressed with how motivated Dr. Vic is in creating positive changes in the world through chiropractic.

Personally, I’ve always viewed him as someone who will be astronomically successful within the chiropractic profession. After reading his interview, you will understand what I mean.

This week, he has opened up his practice and I am grateful he could take time out of his busy schedule to answer questions for The Atlas of Life.

Dr. Harshe: Why did you decide to become a chiropractor?

Dr. Vic: “I decided to become a chiropractor based upon many events in my life.

Ever since I was 12 years old, I always believed the body can do things beyond what the human mind can perceive.

When I turned 16 years old, I started educating myself on nutrition, herbs and so forth.  I was very active in exercise, eating well, positive mindsets and sleeping well.

It wasn’t until I was 19 years old when Chiropractic chose me.  I played rugby for Arizona State and after one year of playing, I had an array of symptoms that I believed had to be some sort of blood disorder.

When I came home for the summer, two days before going to the medical doctor, I decided to see my old chiropractor I used to see when I was nine years old until 11 years old.  On the first day, first thing he said to me was, you would make the perfect chiropractor.  Still to this day, I don’t know what he meant but he made me look into it.

After one month, all my symptoms were gone and I was on the road to rebuilding my health.  I said to myself, “If chiropractic can help me with what I went through, I know there are people in this world who are suffering worse than me that could benefit from this and I will make it my vow and passion in life to serve people.”

Dr. Harshe: Why did you choose to go to Parker?

Dr. Vic: “Two weeks before I had to send in my papers at Palmer College to attend there for Chiropractic school, something told me to go and see Parker College in Dallas.  When I visited, there is an energy at Parker I cannot explain but only know what it feels like.  For me, it felt like home.  I saw how people acted like a big family and everybody hugs each other.

Coming from an Italian culture, hugs was definitely something we always do.  After being at Parker, I realized why I chose it and how it had shifted my world, my mind, and my view on life.”

Dr. Harshe: What is your chiropractic technique of choice?

Dr. Vic: “I love this question.  I know in chiropractic, we have people who say, take a piece of a few techniques and make your own while others say, we need to stick to one technique.  The technique I love to use on patients and utilizing more of is something called, “Quantum Integration.”

Quantum Integration utilizes the Newtonian world (physical) and quantum field (energetic) and puts them together.  And what I love about it is, if you are a Gonstead type of practitioner or network, this works for you.

Quantum Integration works on the physical, mental/emotional, bioenergetic and biochemical stressors of the body by accessing different aspects of the spine to find out why the subluxation is there in the first place.  It utilizes the sensory input of the body and helps change the information at that level which helps the body adapt properly.”

Dr. Harshe: How are preparations going for your practice grand opening?

Dr. Vic: “My preparations are going great.  I am meeting the people I need in my life to make this huge.  I am part of a chamber of commerce that has 1100 businesses and I don’t know what it is but people are really reacting well to the chiropractic message I speak.

I am going to have two grand openings.  One is with the chamber and the other one is more of an open house to the community.  I have a publicist who is really getting the word out there and making things happen.”

Dr. Harshe: What are your future plans beyond a successful practice?

Dr. Vic: “I believe Brandon, this question alone I could have written the entire article on.

At this moment that we speak, I am writing three books at once.  At first, it was going to be one but I realized the information and the message I want to send out into the world couldn’t be done in one book.

Besides that, I have a website called, Chicago Wellness Community where I do monthly talks on a specific topic that I relate to health.

My goal is to be on Oprah before she leaves the network.

I plan to be the Wellness leader in Chicago and empower Chicago through wellness.  I am working on a program to where I can create transformation on all the dimensions of the body (physically, mentally/emotionally, chemically and energetic/spiritually) within 7 weeks.

I am already, looking for a new home for my new practice hopefully in 2 years after I am done with the independent contract position.  I want to make it a spiritual practice where there is chiropractic, personal trainer, massage therapy, acupuncturist, reiki masters, energy healers, spiritual life coaches and inspirational seminars performed by me.

I plan to start in the next few years from now a program where I do inspirational seminars and have two different programs.  One will be for the public on talking how to free the mind to find out the true light within themselves which one of my books will heavily talk about and the second part will be for the chiropractic profession.

There are so many management companies out there that talk about how to make more money, more patients and so forth.  I know us, as chiropractors, do need to have a business mindset or else we will not be in business for long but what I believe we lost is the mentorship we used to do.

In the past, a chiropractor would mentor a young chiropractor at no cost to help them succeed in the world.  I want to follow that model and create a business model around it.  I want to help the student by having them train with me for a period of time and then finance them to get their own practice up and running.

I would teach them the system and everything.  But, I will help them find their own, unique way and help them build their own unique talents for this world instead of telling them what they should do.  It will be based upon each individual.

I plan to open up my own organic restaurant in about 5 years and my own juice bar/ice cream place that is all organic and natural.  I already make 8 different 100% natural and organic sorbets with no added sugar whatsoever.  I already have about 20 healthy recipes I have started making to create my own cookbook on how to eat a healthier life and eat the food given to us from Earth.”

Dr. Harshe: What are your thoughts on the current state of health in the United States?

Dr. Vic: “My thoughts on the current state of health in the US are very, very poor.  Just on the top three main causes of death (medical, heart disease and cancer), this is 2.1 million people dying each year.

63% of the US is obese and we are seeing more and more diabetes in our children.  I believe we are in a huge health crisis.  If it is in the adult population, we can work with that and help but when we are seeing it affect the children who are the future of our world that worries me.

If we do not have healthy children, we will not have a healthy future and I am not just talking about health but in all aspects.”

Dr. Harshe: We supposedly have the best health care in the world, but consistently rank near the bottom of the list of industrialized nations in sickness and disease. How do you think we can change this?

Dr. Vic: “I believe to change this is to change the mindsets of the population.  It all starts with the individual.  I believe if we inform them and speak the truth, eventually it will prevail and they will get the big picture.

As I speak to the community, I always have people who come up to me and are amazed by the information received and the cliché is, “Why hasn’t my doctor told me about this or explained this to me?”

We have people in this country who believe eating potato chips and French fries is a good serving of vegetables.  The average American consumes 150lbs of sugar per year.  Sugar is naturally a toxic to the brain and nervous system, let alone creates havoc on our organs.

I believe the only way we can shift this is through constant information.  We need to continually speak the truth on health.  It has been said it takes a person seven times of hearing something before they change their mindset.

If chiropractors and other health professionals worked together and spoke the same message on the chiropractic lifestyle, we can slowly shift these mindsets.

I always tell people, have health by choice and not by chance because living the medical model, you are having health by CHANCE but choosing a proactive lifestyle and getting regular chiropractic adjustments is someone who is having health by CHOICE!”

Dr. Harshe: What do you believe the future holds for chiropractic?

Dr. Vic: “I believe this is the greatest time to be a chiropractor.  People are looking for answers.  They are starting to not believe in the medical model since they know it doesn’t work.  People are becoming more aware that the alternative health care is actually showing results.

Even though, if we took a snapshot of the chiropractic profession and see how many people we serve right now based upon who is seeing a chiropractor  is only 1.4%.  I believe the future is huge.  I believe the market is like the salesman for Nike who went to Africa and saw nobody had shoes.  He realized there was a huge market out there and would be able to shift their mindsets and help them out.

I believe chiropractic is in the same boat and as long as we learn to work together and accept what each chiropractor does and not let EGO get involved, I believe this profession will soar within the next year or two.  I know there has been some unity problems but I know on the political side of Chiropractic, the main organizations are starting to work together and I believe now, each chiropractor should work together.

I went around and greeted chiropractors in my town and told them, we need to work together.  I stated that “I don’t see you as a threat but family and that if we would think of each other as a threat, we are only thinking in the level of scarcity (limitedness) instead of 98.6% of the population that doesn’t see a chiropractor right now.”