From Transportation to Chiropractic: An Interview With Dr. Andres Jimenez

by The Atlas of Life on April 14, 2010

Dr. Andrés Jimenez practices in Roswell, GA with his wife, who is also a chiropractor. I first noticed him on Facebook a while back posting and re-posting numerous articles on chiropractic and health. A couple guys I graduated with and I nicknamed him the “Facebook Warrior” just from the sheer volume of articles he posted.

Dr. Jimenez is an incredibly positive and driven chiropractor. He is a great example to all of us and I’m grateful he took the time to answer some questions for The Atlas of Life.

Dr. Harshe: Why did you get into chiropractic?

Dr. Jimenez: “Wow! In 2003, after 14 years of owning a transportation company in Puerto Rico, I got to the point I wanted to make a change in my life, and I was thinking about my childhood dream of becoming a lawyer.

In that same year, I met my dear wife on the beach, and I asked her what she was doing for a living. And she replied: “I am a chiropractor. Do you know what that is?” Innate sent this beautiful woman for two big reasons: one, to recruit me for the chiropractic army and, two, to marry her. My life has never been the same.

First, she made me go to the office where she was working and I started care. At that time, I was having trouble sleeping, and I was taking 3 to 4 different types of medication per night to sleep. After two months of care, I was able to sleep like a baby.

One Sunday night my wife asked me if I could adjust her because she was having a bad headache and I said to her “are you crazy?” Then, she taught me how to set up my hands, what of line of drive and force to use and I did my first adjustment. Surprisedly, she then told me “WOW, you are good!!” At that point, I decided that I wanted to study chiropractic.”

Dr. Harshe: What chiropractic school did you choose to go to and why?

Dr. Jimenez: “Life University. My wife studied at Life and I asked a few of my new chiropractic friends in the island which school I should go to. Almost all of them told me to go to Life because it was great for its philosophy. Plus my wife knew the area already. So I begun my journey, selling everything in Puerto Rico and coming to Life. Life University changed my life and my philosophy of life.”

Dr. Harshe: What is your chiropractic technique of choice and why?

Dr. Jimenez: “I learned Full Spine, Thompson, AK, TRT, Toggle, Gonstead, Knee Chest Upper Cervical, SOT and Activator. Today, I use Gonstead. I love the analysis, I am very objective and I love to use instrumentation, x rays, and motion palpation to decide when to adjust and when not to adjust.

Chiropractic is a science, philosophy and art, and should be specific. I highly respect all my colleagues, so I never debate on which technique is the best. Pick one, study it, master it and save lives.

I, though, highly believe that in the adjusting room, less is more. Atlas and axis are the most important vertebrae in the spine and I always look for that area to be clear. It is amazing just by clearing C1 how the body responds!”

Dr. Harshe: What is it like practicing chiropractic with your wife, who is also a chiropractor?

Dr. Jimenez: “The best! I think husband and wife can be the best chiropractic team ever. God gave me a great friend, wife, partner and a chiropractor. We are about 98% in the same line of thinking & doing. We talk about chiropractic, life, success, family, love, personal growth, etc., 24-7-365. I think I have the best partner ever.”

Dr. Harshe: Where do you practice and why?

Dr. Jimenez: “Roswell, GA. I am from Puerto Rico and my wife is from Argentina, so we both are fully bilinguals and our original plan was to go back to Puerto Rico, but then we decided to stay here. There is a great Hispanic population here in GA, and there are very few principled chiropractors out there who are willing to teach the community about health, chiropractic and wellness.

Also, we love the weather here. I love to play tennis and golf, and GA is a great place for that. But I’ll be honest: sometimes I do miss the Caribbean!!”

Dr. Harshe: What positive changes have you seen with people in your practice?

Dr. Jimenez: “Wow. Too many to describe! A world of changes, from the physical perspective to the emotional and mental one. People love to find hope and new possibilities and their happiness is reflected by their commitment to the care plan. People love to find doctors who really care about them.”

Dr. Harshe: What do you believe the future has in store for chiropractors?

Dr. Jimenez: “I love this question. I see a great future. There is a new generation of chiropractors who honored their past, studied the history and are so passionate about the future.

The actual “SICK CARE” is collapsing and chiropractic is moving forward to  new dimensions of true health care. We need more chiropractors out there willing to sacrifice and serve the masses.

From colleagues mastering specific techniques, finding scientific breakthroughs and establishing a stronger philosophy for why we do what we do. This way, we will take chiropractic to another level of practice.

Mastering the basics and fundamentals, just like DD Palmer and BJ Palmer ever dreamed, to a worldwide, quality-of-life driven health care delivery system featuring Chiropractic in the leading role. The profession is in GREAT HANDS!”