Download Your FREE Copy of Trauma, Thoughts, & Toxins: The E-book!

by The Atlas of Life on April 20, 2010

trauma, thoughts, toxins, e-bookStarting today, I am making Trauma, Thoughts, & Toxins: The E-Book available for the readers of this site to download for free.

I decided to do this before I even wrote the series here on The Atlas of Life. I wanted to put together a miniseries that I could easily wrap together in PDF format. This would allow people who haven’t read the blog posts to gain an understanding of what we address as chiropractors.

I didn’t change anything whatsoever in converting the series from blog posts to e-book, except there aren’t any pictures to illustrate my point like there are in the posts themselves. But I don’t think that will be a big deal to people.

The Introduction covers the vertebral subluxation itself. Chapters one, two, and three address physical, emotional, and chemical stress, respectively. Chapter four focuses on managing stress properly. As I said before, not much changed in converting these posts into an e-book.

I enjoyed writing the series and putting it together for you in an e-book. Enjoy reading it!

You can download Trauma, Thoughts, & Toxins: The E-Book right here.

trauma thoughts and toxins the e-book