Chiropractic Cannot Be Taught By Mail

by The Atlas of Life on May 1, 2010


More quotes today from Dr. B.J. Palmer out of his first volume, The Science of Chiropractic. Enjoy!

“It is just as difficult to teach the essential principles and adjustment of Chiropractic to a doctor as others. It takes months to learn to adjust under a personal instructor. The student must be shown the abnormal in the patient and a corresponding specimen selected from our pathological collection. Then there are many variations and conditions to be learned. Chiropractic cannot be taught by mail to any person, be he a doctor or not.”

“When mental impulses of the thorax and pelvis are diminished they allow the internal organs to drop down, to become displaced, prolapsed, producing hernia, piles, prolapsus uteri and other diseased conditions. Why not look for the cause of such weaknesses? The taking of the pulse, temperature, respiration and an examination of the tongue and secretions will not locate the cause. Spinal analysis is worth much more to a Chiropractor.”

“Doctors like to experiment. They prescribe water, salt and the most deadly drugs, or stick a knife into you with as much indifference as you used to when skinning rabbits. Their charges run from two dollars a prescription to five hundred a rip. If any medicine contains deadly drugs the public has a right to know it. This rule should hold good in doctor’s prescriptions, as well as patent medicines.”

“There is really no such thing as curing any disease. We do not cure or heal ailments. It is a misstatement, of which all well informed M. D.’s are aware. Chiropractors adjust that which causes distress (disease). When the skeletal frame is normal, the functions are performed in a natural manner, consequently no disease (not-ease). To cure or heal is one of the Allopathic signboards which has become so fixed on the mental vision that it is difficult to change.”