5 Interviews With Sherman College of Chiropractic Alumni

by The Atlas of Life on May 12, 2010

sherman college of chiropracticSince Sherman Lyceum is at the end of this month, I thought it would be appropriate to post links to some interviews I’ve done with Sherman College of Chiropractic graduates. Enjoy!

Dr. Jon Schwartzbauer – “I envision Sherman having a bigger impact in the profession by graduating more students whose focus is to contribute to the quality of life and overall health of the people they serve through the correction of vertebral subluxations.”

Dr. Nick Tedder – “I got introduced to chiropractic when I was 16.  I was hanging out with a friend and while we were out being misfits he said to me one day, ‘I have to go the chiropractor for a few minutes, come with me!’ Not knowing what a chiropractor was, I said ‘sure!’  To make a long story short, In the five minutes I was there the doctor shared with me ‘THE BIG IDEA.’  It made so much sense to me.”

Dr. Jaime Browning – “This decision was the easiest of all. Sherman was my family. They loved me as a staff member; but they were even bigger supporters of my future. I get misty-eyed when I think about that place. I truly loved my time there, and will always think fondly of that great school.”

Dr. Kevin Broome – “I went to undergrad with intentions of going into forensics.  I majored in criminal justice and minored in chemistry.  Towards the end, Doc asked me, ‘What about chiropractic school?’  It had never entered my mind.  It made sense so I jumped on it.”

Dr. Arno Burnier – “While at Sherman College of Chiropractic I quickly took on a leadership role by speaking on Campus. After few years in practice I knew I was called to have an impact, influence and a leadership role. At first I was afraid of the responsibilities. In time I embraced my calling and the responsibilities attached to it fully.”