Is Our Family Different Or Are We What Normal Should Be?

by The Atlas Of Life on June 4, 2010

Why are we different? I feel I get more and more away from mainstream everyday. I think the next step is to grow dreads and stop wearing a bra (I wish… I would never get away with that).

Well, I guess the answer is because my life was led to Chiropractic and I accepted it. I think I had always believed in the philosophy of Chiropractic, we just hadn’t found each other yet. Now, Chiropractic is not about vaccines, circumcision and so on, but it is about removing nerve interference and allowing the body to adapt as perfectly as it can. And with that philosophy all else follows.

When I tell people our children have never had one antibiotic (except what they got through me during my medicated births) and we haven’t had infant Tylenol in our house since our oldest was 1, they gawk at me. It makes me uncomfortable for a second and I wonder if I have my lunch in my teeth or if I slurred when I spoke. Then I realize that is not “normal” to them. We are not “normal” when compared to the rest of society.

There is nothing average about this family. We aren’t all 98.6 degrees, we welcome fevers, our son is not circumcised, I use my breasts to feed our babies and don’t give rice cereal at 4-6 months… or ever actually. We co-sleep (you won’t find a crib in our house), so no crying it out here, I wear my babies in wraps and slings and we don’t have cable. I pushed my baby out into my husband’s waiting hands standing in the bathroom with only our 2 year old cheering “BABY, BABY, BABY!!!.” I could go on and on.

Am I saying we are perfect? Absolutely not. I love my stroller, fed my first infant soy formula (GAG!) and moved her to a crib at a year old. I wasn’t successful at nursing until baby number 3, and I started raising my voice after having baby number 4! Let’s not forget the scars and emotional memories to remind me of my c-sections and traumatic births. But, we are always educating ourselves and adapting quickly. We listen to our intuition and don’t allow outside interference, because when we do it always ends in some kind of heartache.

Most of all, I am just grateful I educated myself on a lot of these issues before I had children! Am I lucky? No, I don’t think so. I think all of us are blessed and have the opportunity to do so, but don’t. People are so set in their ways. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “But that’s how my parents did it and I’m fine!” Are you? Really? Think about it.

Shouldn’t the norm be more like this…

Every child is drug free unless an emergency arises. Kids with ear infections, acid reflux, bedwetting, headaches, etc. are checked by a Chiropractor. If nerve interference is found, it is removed so their little bodies can heal instead of given a round of pink pills over and over. Children are with their mommies and daddies when they need and close to them like when they were in the womb, because soon enough they won’t want to be. All things like Chiropractic, diet, and natural remedies are exhausted before foreign drugs are introduced. A mom is able to birth her child where and how she likes, with whom she wants there and there is complete faith in her to do so.

Well, until that is the ‘norm’, I am OK with us being “different” to others, but to me, we are the standard of what normal should be. Educated, parenting intuitively, learning from our mistakes and doing better. This will be different for everyone, but it will feel right and make happier and healthier families!