A Chiropractic Legend’s Simple Wisdom: An Interview With Dr. James Sigafoose

by The Atlas of Life on August 18, 2010

For those of you who have kept up with The Atlas of Life for the previous 18 months of its existence will know that I’ve done a number of interviews. I think the number is around 55 at this point. In all instances, I make it a point to come up with good quality questions that will elicit good quality answers. Today’s interview is quite different. In fact, today’s interview made me realize that most of us overthink everything, when in fact, the answer is the old KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) method. That definitely includes me.

Dr. James Sigafoose is a legend in the chiropractic profession. For years he has been teaching chiropractors about the philosophy behind chiropractic and why it is so vital to a successful practice. During that time, he has changed the thought process of so many chiropractors into the principled ChiropracTORs that this profession needs.

I was very honored by Dr. Sigafoose’s willingness to do an interview. I was surprised by the shortness of the answers at first. But as I said above, I think this interview is a good lesson for all of us to just keep it simple. And Chiropractic is simple. No need to get complicated or overthink it. As you can see by the interview, it looks like I was getting complicated and overthinking it by the questions I asked of this legend.

Thanks again to Dr. Sigafoose for his time. Enjoy!

Dr. Harshe: How were you introduced to chiropractic?

Dr. Sigafoose: Father.

Dr. Harshe: What chiropractic college did you attend?

Dr. Sigafoose: National.

Dr. Harshe: I’ve heard you mention how you struggled in practice at the beginning of your career. How did that change?

Dr. Sigafoose: Philosophy.

Dr. Harshe: What is it that separates the chiropractors who see hundreds each week, maybe even a thousand or two, and the ones that struggle and/or fail in practice?

Dr. Sigafoose: Passion, philosophy.

Dr. Harshe: What is the most memorable experience you can remember in practice?

Dr. Sigafoose: All of them.

Dr. Harshe: You’ve held numerous seminars called The Gathering over the years. How did that start? When is the next one? What can people expect when they go?

Dr. Sigafoose: Desire. September. Change.

(Editor’s note: The next Gathering will be September 23-25 in Palm Beach, FL. Click here for more information.)

Dr. Harshe: What is the most important piece of advice you can offer students and recently graduated chiropractors?

Dr. Sigafoose: Forget what they learned in school, and learn chiropractic.

Dr. Harshe: Where do you see the chiropractic profession going in the future?

Dr. Sigafoose: Unless chiropractic is revived, it will be osteopathy.