Blog Posting Frequency: Ditching the Quantity and Upping the Quality

by The Atlas of Life on October 4, 2010

quantity vs qualityWhen I started The Atlas of Life in January 2009, I originally stuck to a 3-day-a-week posting schedule. My goal was to make an impact on the Internet with a chiropractic blog that had frequent postings and good SEO.

Within the first 6 months, I upped my posting schedule to Monday through Friday. I felt like I was on to something with the growing traffic The Atlas of Life was attracting, so increasing the frequency of blog posts would (I believed) take this blog to the next level (Which it did).

This past March, I decided to throw in all the chips and go for a 7-days-a-week posting schedule. I wanted to really make a good impact on the Internet, more than I had in the past, and getting out there as much as possible was the way to do it.

In June, my family and I moved down to Austin, TX where I have been training and practicing in a very busy office. My time down here has been intense, to say the least. It has been a very interesting, and sometimes difficult, juggling act.

Because of that, there have been times throughout the weeks that I have simply not had the time to post as frequently as I wanted. So I’ve had to resort to re-posting old content to keep up with the 7-days-a-week schedule. In fact, the last 3 days here have been old blog posts, as I’m sure some of the long-term readers of this blog could tell.

quantity vs qualityI believe having to do this has compromised the quality of content on The Atlas of Life. My life is not going to get less busy anytime soon. In fact, it’s getting busier and busier with each passing week.

I have no intention of quitting The Atlas of Life, but I do want to raise the quality of the content. Because of this, I have no choice but to decrease the posting schedule here. I will return to my original posting frequency of 3-days-a-week.

I will be working on doing more interviews, as this aspect of the blog has been slacking. If anyone is interested in being interviewed you can let me know as well.

Occasionally, I might set up an extra blog post during the week, but I’m not going worry about it much.

As far as the specific days I will post new content, you’ll just have to check in frequently to find out if it’s that day or not. I would say it’s to keep you on your toes, but truthfully, I haven’t made a final decision on which days I will post new content.

With all this being said, I really do appreciate YOU, the readers of The Atlas of Life. I’m grateful to each and every one of you for keeping up with this blog for the past 20 months. It’s been fun, and will continue to be fun, I have no doubt.