Chiropractic Gut Check: An Interview With Dr. Mychal Beebe

by The Atlas of Life on October 13, 2010

mychal beebe, upper cervical chiropractic, blair chiropractic societyI first met Dr. Mychal Beebe at Upper Cervical Evolution in 2009 while we were both still chiropractic students. Since then, we have conversed every so often through Facebook. I saw Dr. Beebe again a few weeks ago at Upper Cervical Fusion in San Jose, CA, and after seeing her speak on stage briefly, I thought she would be a great person to interview.

I’m grateful Dr. Beebe could take time out of her very busy schedule to answer some questions for The Atlas of Life.

Dr. Brandon Harshe: How did you get into Chiropractic?

Dr. Mychal Beebe
: “I attended the University of New Hampshire as a pre-med student, but realized senior year how much the dynamic individual is taken out of the equation once a patient has a diagnosis.  So at my last alumni weekend I met a chiropractor and over a six pack, was explained chiropractic.  I was clear that providing health care that empowered the individual and increased vitality was for me so… I took a year and  a half off between undergrad and chiropractic school, became a Chiropractic assistant (to make sure that I liked the day to day) and in 2006 drove across the cross country and enrolled at Life Chiropractic College West.”

Dr. Brandon Harshe: Where did you go to Chiropractic school and why?

Dr. Mychal Beebe
: “I graduated in March 2010 from Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward California!  The D.C. I worked for went to Life University in Atlanta and encouraged me to read the green books when I worked in his office, so I knew I wanted a school who demonstrated a strong philosophical connection.  I also wanted to experience the West Coast.

And while all that sounds very thought out, when it comes down to it… it was a gut decision.  I know that (for me) I went to the best school in the country.  The teachers are fantastic, the technique variety is exemplary and the student involvement in chiropractic clubs and organizations is HUGE.

Most importantly I have noticed that the majority of students coming out of Life West own a lasting purpose of delivering excellent chiropractic care, nothing more, nothing less.  Ultimately however the experience is what you make of it.  You get out of something exactly what you put into it.”

Dr. Brandon Harshe: How did you get into Upper Cervical Chiropractic, and more specifically Blair?

Dr. Mychal Beebe: “I gravitated toward Upper Cervical Chiropractic because of Shawn Dill, D.C. as my philosophy 1 instructor.  The specificity and and clarity of upper cervical work appeals to my nature.  I then began looking for an UC doc for personal care through out school.  I was fortunate to have Dr. Tom Forest as my chiropractor.

While in school I attended seminars of ALL techniques (BGI, Full Spine, Gonstead, Knee Chest… ) because it is imperative that as professionals we have an understanding of other techniques.  But again, gut check, I knew I would practice Blair because I love the articular approach and the elegance of the Protracto view.  Through out my journey I have been blessed with amazing teachers and mentors and I am grateful to ALL of them for helping me develop as a chiropractor.”

Dr. Brandon Harshe: How has practice been? Where are you practicing?

Dr. Mychal Beebe: “I currently practice in Sedro-Woolley with Dr. Michael Lenarz and the AMAZING team of doctors with The Chiropractic Way.  Practice has been a huge learning curve.  Working with Dr. Lenarz for the past three months I am in a process that develops my clinical, interpersonal, and business skills.  With each new level of responsibility I have 1,000 more questions and I am thankful to be able to draw on the support of such a knowledgeable team.”

Dr. Brandon Harshe: What is the single most important thing you have learned in practice so far?

Dr. Mychal Beebe: “To be a chiropractor.  Seriously.  In school we have hour after hour of classroom time that is full of valuable knowledge that is necessary to learn, BUT it makes us strive to have an answer/explanation for every slight problem that a patient walks in the door with. Honestly for the past 4 years we were trained that question A has solution B, and if we didn’t know the answer we don’t pass GO and collect $200.  Yet in practice a D.C. does not and indeed should not have the answer for every ache and pain.

My purpose is to intelligently and compassionately provide specific chiropractic services and then get out of the way!  I have learned that by doing exactly that, I provide the greatest service to my patients.  I am humbled by this lesson each day in practice.”

Dr. Brandon Harshe: Based on your own experience, what advice can you offer current or beginning Chiropractic students?

Dr. Mychal Beebe: “Begin with the end in mind.  Know that school is not the end, it is the beginning.  While in school be as open as possible and experience as much as possible but hold the vision of where you will be when the protective bubble of school bursts with graduation.

And when you do start into practice many new graduates are overwhelmed by the nuts and bolts of being a chiropractor; Financing a practice, equipment, student loan payments, marketing ECT… and the chiropractic ART is compromised.  That compromise is not fair to ourselves but more importantly it is not fair to our patients.

Find a mentor, a coach, that is the right fit for you and stick with them long enough to learn, give yourself to the process, it takes time.  By working closely with that mentor it will free you from what can seem like a crushing compromise.  I found my freedom from compromise with The Chiropractic Way team.”

Dr. Brandon Harshe: What do you see happening in the future for the Chiropractic profession?

Dr. Mychal Beebe: “Chiropractic has had a history of internal turmoil and struggle.  Yet, now and in the future I see a movement across the board that can be summed up by one word.  COLLABORATION.  Chiropractic organization and chiropractors are coming together to present a more unified voice each year: On a national level with the Chiropractic Summits, on a marketing Level with the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, and on the student level with organizations like The World Congress of Chiropractic Students.  This collaborative effort accompanied with an increased public awareness of preventative health measures lends chiropractic  a pregnant moment in our history.

Now the key to success is that chiropractors must show up and support these collaborative efforts and organizations that are working toward our unified goals.  In short, I am excited for the future of chiropractic.

I want to thank The Atlas of Life and Dr. Harshe for showing up, and contributing with his unique expertise to the common vision and mission that we all have of expanding chiropractic awareness.  It has been fun to write this interview and share my story!”