Maggots Killed the Cat!!!

by The Atlas of Life on November 29, 2010

Jethro was a good man, but not very bright. One day he decided he was going to get in shape. He didn’t have much in the way of endurance, so he decided to start out light by going on a simple walk.

Jethro proudly made his way out the front door and stepped down his porch. He turned down his street and started walking, mighty happy with himself for finally taking action.

Jethro whistled as he took in his surroundings, feeling really good about himself. Suddenly he noticed a rotted animal corpse spotted with patches of fur up ahead. As he made his way closer, he could see it was a dead cat. Closer and closer he approached, holding his breath so as not to smell the rotted stench.

As he approached, he noticed a writhing, wavy movement of small pale forms squirming throughout the corpse. Jethro stopped. He was petrified by the sight before him. His legs began to tremble. Beads of sweat accumulated on his forehead. He couldn’t remember the last time he felt fear like this. After what seemed like the longest moment of his life, he gained enough courage to turn and flee as fast as his feet would carry him.

“Run!” He shouted, to anyone within shouting distance. “Run for your lives! Get inside your houses! Lock your doors!”

He made his way back home faster than he could have imagined. Jethro stumbled up the porch, tripping over the top step and falling flat on his face on the porch. Jethro ignored the pain and, breathing heavily, stumbled up into a standing position, flinging open the screen door. He stepped through the threshold, letting the screen door snap back as he slammed the front door shut behind him. He nervously fumbled with the deadbolt for a few seconds before figuring it out. He turned around, pressing his back against the front door and slowly slid down, exasperated from the fear he felt coursing through his veins.

Wide-eyed and trembling, Jethro gasped for air, looking into his stunned wife’s eyes. She stared back silently from the recliner, knitting needles frozen above the fabric and thread in her lap. She mirrored the horror Jethro felt, unsure what was going on. ”Go upstairs,” he wheezed. “Lock yourself in the attic… I’ll call the police… and fire department. I’ll hold them off until help comes.”

Jethro’s wife didn’t move. “Who?” she whispered fearfully.

“The maggots,” he whimpered. “They killed the cat. Ambushed it. I’m sure of it! Now they’re eating it. On the side of the road… just a few blocks up. I saw. We might be next… they probably followed me home!” He looked over his shoulder, just to make sure.

“Maggots?” Jethro’s wife cried out in exasperation. “Maggots? Do you really think maggots killed that cat?” She sprang to her feet and threw a pillow at Jethro’s head all in one movement, like a baseball catcher throwing out a runner stealing second base. “You must be the biggest idiot this side of the Mississippi! Darn near gave me a heart attack! Maggots don’t kill cats! That cat was already dead, ya moron!”

What Do Maggots Have In Common With Germs?

Everyone reading this knows maggots don’t kill cats. They come after the cat has started decomposing, the result of female flies depositing their eggs in the carcass.

Jethro is obviously a few sandwiches short of a full picnic, but think about it: we as Americans have fallen into this very trap with our health.

If we get sick, it’s because we contracted germs, a bacteria, or virus, right? We are so quick to blame those evil little organisms, those little microbes looking to viciously ruin our lives.

But, no one ever stops to think about the state of their immune system. Why would they? Taking responsibility for one’s own health is not easy to do, not with the stress of work, family, and bills, right? It’s so much easier to attack an external source as opposed to looking at ourselves and seeing what we can do to improve our own state of health internally.

What if, maybe, just maybe, a compromised immune system will make you more susceptible to the bacteria or virus that’s already in your system, that has been in your system since you were a child? What if intense physical, chemical, or emotional stress has worn you down, putting you into a prolonged fight or flight mode, weakening your immune system? It is the holiday season… the stress of shopping, hosting parties, and travel plans can wear down the best of us.

This is where Chiropractic comes into play. What if you have an upper cervical vertebral subluxation, irritating your nervous system, preventing your brain from communicating effectively with the rest of your body, including your immune system?

Restoring that vital brain to body communication is essential for a healthy immune system, as well as a healthy life. Don’t continue blaming your sickness and poor state of health on external factors or random chance. Take responsibility and get your nervous system checked. While you’re at it, why not improve your diet, get some exercise, go to bed earlier, and take a couple of deep breaths, too?

Because blaming an outside source for our sickness and/or bad health is no different than saying maggots kill cats.