“One Conflict” by Dr. B.J. Palmer

by The Atlas Of Life on March 28, 2011

universal intelligence, innate intelligence, bj palmer, upper cervical chiropractic, the atlas of life chiropractic, vertebral subluxationThe following is an excerpt out of the Green Book Volume XXXIII, also known as Fame and Fortune, by B.J. Palmer.

“Medical men admit God on Sunday, admit “nature cures” other six days, in theory, and deny BOTH seven days of week when THEY prescribe pills, powders, potions, prescriptions, and injections, thinking SUBSTANCE THINGS from outside “cure” something physically wrong inside. Preachers of religions admit omnipresence, omnipotence, and omniscience of “The Kingdom of God is within you” from pulpit; preach this gospel with vehemence on Sunday; and when sick themselves, deny ability of internal God WITHIN man to get them well other six days of week, going to material medica materialists to have their material diseases therapeutically “healed” and “cured” by pills, powders, potions, prescriptions, and injections, thinking remedial things from OUTSIDE will cure something wrong INSIDE.

Medical men are in conflict between what THEY believe religiously and what THEY practice medically. Preachers are in conflict between what THEY preach religiously and what THEY do therapeutically when sick. There is NO consistency in principle or practice in either of their divided one-half dogmas or sciences. Medical men DENY there is an all-intellectual inseparable internal Innate Intelligence that gets sick people well. They ridicule Chiropractors who assert such is a factual actuality, calling our philosophy a “cult.” Religious preachers assert there IS an all-external “God” that rules the universe, and DENY there is an internal God IN man.

Both medical men and preachers go to Chiropractors and get well because they permit the actual factual union of INNATE with THEIR PHYSICAL BODIES. Chiropractor has no such conflict. He KNOWS there IS an EXTERNAL Universal Intelligence and there IS ALSO an INTERNAL Innate Intelligence with which he cooperates, restoring one into and thru other.”