Chiropractic Principle #10: The Function of Force

by The Atlas Of Life on May 23, 2011

The function of force is to unite intelligence and matter.

It has been established that we each have an Innate Intelligence within each of us that coordinates all function. It has also been established that our bodies are composed of matter; numerous elements clustered and configured in various ways to make up our human bodies. So what is the link between our Innate Intelligence and our bodies?

Force. Force in the form of mental impulses carried out by the nervous system via the Innate Intelligence. It is this vital communication that keeps our bodies healthy and functioning.

When our spines come under the degenerative and destructive presence of a vertebral subluxation, the nervous system transmission between our brain and bodies is diminished. There is a disconnect between what the brain is telling the body to do, and what the body is actually doing.

Chiropractic care improves health by restoring proper spinal alignment through specific Chiropractic adjustments. These adjustments are given at the level of the vertebral subluxation. The body’s Innate Intelligence then accepts and distributes the force in the best way possible. This may mean complete restoration of proper vertebral position, taking all stress and tension off the spinal cord and spinal nerves, or it may mean partial restoration resulting in partial removal of cord and nerve stress and tension.

In either case, it is an improvement in health, and one needed for the Innate Intelligence to unite with matter through force.