More Upper Cervical Chiropractic Rip-Off Artists: Atlas Reconnect Treatment

by The Atlas Of Life on May 31, 2011

I saw a video this past weekend that opened my eyes to yet another group trying to rip-off Upper Cervical Chiropractic and make it their own. Except this one was very minor league in the sense they didn’t know what they were doing.

What is even more damaging is that they blatantly stole a copyrighted Upper Cervical Chiropractic diagram and made it their own… more on that in a bit.

I’m not one of these Chiropractors that has a big ego and needs people to refer to me ONLY as Dr. Harshe, acting like I put in a tremendous four year post-grad effort to attain that title. But I do feel very protective of Chiropractic in any form when I see it being ripped off and misconstrued as something else entirely. Especially when I’m working my butt off to teach people in my community what Chiropractic REALLY is. B.J. Palmer told us to guard it well, and that’s exactly what I do in any way, shape, or form I can.

This video was on Facebook, otherwise I would have inserted it into this post. Instead, I took some pertinent screen shots from the video itself.

The following screen shot is of the “practitioner” performing a leg length check on his patient/client. As you can see, though, it is not very accurate. If it was, both legs would be bent straight up. Instead, you can see the woman’s left leg is straight up and her right leg is at about a 70 degree angle, thus creating 3/4″ – 1″ of leg length difference. This is only because he has tilted her right leg over against her straight left leg to create this difference. She may very well have had a slight difference in leg lengths, but nowhere near what we see if done correctly.

The next screenshot you see is the “practitioner” “treating” this woman. He is standing in front of her, with his left hand bracing the back of her neck and his right hand at nearly a right angle with his vibrating doohicky pressed against the side of her neck. He is claiming he is pressing on her atlas. Any x-ray or anatomy book will CLEARLY show that he is NOT on the atlas but probably on her C3, or possibly even C4, vertebra. The spot where the red arrow is pointing is about where the atlas transverse process is located in most instances. The transverse process is what many Upper Cervical Chiropractors, including me, contact when performing an atlas adjustment

Next, we see him “treating” her other side from behind. Where he came in at almost a right angle on her left side, it looks like now he is coming in to her C3 vertebra at about a 20 degree angle. Not sure if this is lack of attention to detail, or part of his “treatment protocol.”

Now, we see him leaning over and asking her if she feels alright. This is very subjective and of no value in determining if someone has been helped.

Next I circled a poster he has in his office to educate patients on the problems an atlas misalignment can cause. No big deal right?

Below is the photo on that poster in the previous screenshot taken from their Australian Facebook page. Notice at the bottom how it says Copyright© ATLASRECONNECT 2010.

If that photo looks familiar to you, consider the original created by Dr. Daniel Clark, a retired Upper Cervical Chiropractor. This sure looks like copyright infringement to me.

Dr. Clark has since updated his diagram to look like this, but it is still essentially the same.

atlas reconnect fraud

And finally, the last screenshot shows him doing a post leg length analysis. Looks like both legs are even, right? Of course it does. This time he’s not tilting her right leg over to the left leg to create a leg length difference in the first place.

It’s one thing to want to do something to mimic or model yourself after someone else. It’s another thing to rip them off and call it your own, especially when you can’t even do it correctly. Nothing ethical about that whatsoever.

The moral of the story? Stay away from Atlas Reconnect Treatment. They are frauds and have no clue what they are doing.