30 Links to Celebrate Dr. B.J. Palmer’s Birthday

by The Atlas Of Life on September 10, 2011

BJ Palmer birthdayOn this day, September 10th, in 1882, Bartlett Joshua (B.J.) Palmer entered the world. At that time, the discovery of Chiropractic by Daniel David (D.D.) Palmer was still 13 years away. Little did anyone suspect that a great profession would soon be founded by the father, nor did anyone suspect that the son would champion that profession and its philosophy for more than half of the 20th century.

Much has been talked about in regards to B.J. Palmer, DC, PhC on this site. Below are 30 links to anything and everything B.J. Palmer… from Green Book quotes, to epigrams, to videos, to e-books written about him. Take a look and have fun learning some things about the Developer of Chiropractic!

  1. “One Conflict” by Dr. B.J. Palmer
  2. Historical Doctors’ Grudge Match: B.J. Palmer vs Charles Mayo
  3. Germs Are Scavengers
  4. B.J. Palmer’s Ladder of Success
  5. Great Footage of B.J. Palmer
  6. Success Quotes to Begin your Calendar Week on the Right Foot
  7. B.J. Palmer’s Style of Patient Care
  8. Science is Knowing, Art is Doing, Philosophy is Intelligence
  9. Curing, Healing, Sun Rising, and Sun Setting
  10. B.J. Palmer: Small Things Are Large
  11. Old School Videos: B.J. Palmer Schooling the Students
  12. B.J. Palmer and the Two Evangelists
  13. Chiropractors Will Improve the World’s Output
  14. Chiropractic Cannot Be Taught By Mail
  15. The Killing of Hundreds in the Hospitals
  16. Braving Criticism, Ridicule, and the Risk of Failure
  17. What is Mental Food for One is Poison for Another
  18. Disease is a Lack of Normal Functions
  19. 5,000 Years of Failure at Finding a Cure for All Diseases
  20. B.J. Palmer Epigrams To Start Out Your Day
  21. Small Constants vs Big Variables by Dr. B.J. Palmer of Davenport, IA
  22. B.J. Palmer: Stimulating the Inhibition and Inhibiting the Stimulation
  23. B.J. Palmer: Constant On Feeling, Variable On Pain
  24. Great PDF Patient Education Booklet
  25. Superior Brain Congestion-Inferior Body Starvation
  26. Christmas Miracle From Volume XXIV
  27. Who Destroys Chiropractic And Why?
  28. Patient Care According to BJ Palmer
  29. Learning 1895 Chiropractic in 2009 Chiropractic Schools
  30. Seeking A Specific For The Cause Of All Disease