The Truth of Chiropractic

Another video to blow you away. Dr. Ian Bulow nails down what Chiropractic is all about in the following video. Enjoy!

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Putting Bricks in Your Purse and Wearing it on Your Shoulder = BAD

This post is primarily for the female readers of this blog, though if you are a man and wear one of those “man-bags” or “murses,” I suppose this is for you, too. If you are anything like my wife January, and you put bricks in your purse to make it as heavy as you can [...]

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6 Blog Posts to Help You Remember Chiropractic’s 116th Birthday

116 years ago today, on September 18th, 1895, Harvey Lillard told such a funny joke that D.D. Palmer playfully slapped him in the back with a heavy book and it miraculously restored his hearing. Just kidding. No one really believes that, do they? I didn’t think so… well, maybe they do at National University of [...]

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30 Links to Celebrate Dr. B.J. Palmer’s Birthday

On this day, September 10th, in 1882, Bartlett Joshua (B.J.) Palmer entered the world. At that time, the discovery of Chiropractic by Daniel David (D.D.) Palmer was still 13 years away. Little did anyone suspect that a great profession would soon be founded by the father, nor did anyone suspect that the son would champion [...]

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How Many Drug Ads are in Your Magazines?

(Editor’s note: This was originally written by Dr. Adam Tanase for his Check the Neck blog.) I picked up an issue of Woman’s Day magazine this afternoon. This is one of the many freebie magazines that get sent to my chiropractic practice. Their slogan is “Live Well Every Day,” so they must think I’m going [...]

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5 Activities Gone Wrong That Will Screw Up Your Spine

Horse-riding/bull-riding BMX bike stunts Skateboarding Skiing Parkour

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The Painkiller Shortage Epidemic

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2011 Talk the TIC Finalists Inspire at Parker University

I had the great opportunity to watch the Talk the TIC finals in Dallas this year. Every finalist did a fantastic job and I applaud them. Not many Chiropractic students can get up in front of hundreds of people and give a hardcore, amazing Chiropractic talk, but these five individuals did. Congrats to everyone, and [...]

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Your Health Decision: Taking It On the Chin or Instant Gratification?

Get rich quick. 0% down, 100% financing. Lose 10 lbs in one weekend. Gain 20 lbs of muscle in one month. Get your gall bladder removed. Take a painkiller to dull that pain. Get a gastric bypass to lose 100 lbs in 6 months. Get a liposuction with your c-section like all the movie stars. [...]

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The Greek Titan Atlas Holds Up the Weight of the Universe, and What this Means for Your Spine

The story of the Titan Atlas is not a happy one. According to Greek mythology, Atlas participated in a war the Titans waged on the Gods. The Titans, led by Cronos, were defeated by the Gods, led by Zeus. As punishment for the war, Zeus banished most of the Titans to the hellish Tartarus. For [...]

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