Last night, at approximately 11:35 pm CST, January gave birth to our second boy, fifth child overall. Once again, we had this baby unassisted, without interference from anyone with letters after their name, except for me, of course. And I didn’t interfere, just caught. This pregnancy was a tougher experience than our last baby as [...]

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Thanksgiving 2010: Happy Turkey Eating

As we celebrate Thanksgiving today, I thought I would quickly express my gratitude to all the readers of this blog. You have truly inspired me keep writing and to not quit the pace at which I post fresh, new content here at The Atlas of Life. But most of all, I am grateful for my [...]

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Parker College of Chiropractic Philosophy Night Recap

This past Friday night was the first ever Philosophy Night at Parker College of Chiropractic. I was back in Dallas for the weekend and decided to go check it out and I was not disappointed at all. In fact, I was pretty impressed with the school for putting this function together. The night consisted of [...]

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Upper Cervical Fusion Wrap-up

This past weekend was a very happening weekend in the chiropractic profession. There was Parker Seminars in Dallas, TX. There was The Gathering with Dr. Sigafoose in Palm Beach, FL. There was the Master’s Circle Super Conference in Orlando, FL. And of course, there was the seminar I attended, Upper Cervical Fusion in San Jose, [...]

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NUCCA to Offer 1 Scholarship Per Chiropractic College to the Atlanta Conference

I got this message from my friend Dr. Zach Ward last week: “NUCCA is offering 1 scholarship to 1 student in every chiropractic college to go the next NUCCA conference in Atlanta, GA. That covers their conference fees. In order to qualify for the contest, students have to submit a video answering the question: “What [...]

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Upper Cervical Academy Philosophy/History Seminar September 17-18th, Charlotte, NC

This is class #2 of the certification process. Join Dr. Kyle Troyer and Dr. Ray Drury for this special event. No one is more passionate about Upper Cervical than Dr. Kyle Troyer. He will discuss in detail the history and philosophy of Upper Cervical. Everyone in attendance will gain a better understanding of the Chiropractic [...]

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Upper Cervical Fusion September 23-25 in San Jose, CA

Upper Cervical Fusion will be an event where various upper cervical technique organizations will hold their annual or semi-annual conference in one city at the same time, making it a mega conference of sorts. Below is the lineup for Fusion: Thursday September 23 11:00 am – 1:00 pm Registration 1:00 pm – 1:50 pm Dr. [...]

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Photos from Last Weekend’s Orthospinology Basic II Seminar in Smyrna, GA

Last weekend I had the chance to attend the Basic II seminar at the Humber-Parkerson clinic in Smyrna. It was a great seminar, and I even had the chance to finally meet Dr. Sid Williams, founder of Life University in Georgia. Below are some pictures. Group picture with Drs. Sid and Nell Williams in the [...]

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The Upper Cervical Academy Presents Upper Cervical Neurology

How to know that you know that you know: The REAL Science that supports the Upper Cervical work! Start your journey to become a Member of the Upper Cervical Academy. Join Dr. Stephen Conicello and Dr. Ray Drury for this special event. What you will learn: 1. The Neuro Anatomy in the Upper Cervical spine. [...]

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Happy Father’s Day!!!

Now we’re talking. A holiday that celebrates us fathers. I’m a fan of this holiday because I get to relax while my family serves me like a king all day. Yeah right! LOL! Anyway, I wanted to wish all you dads a Happy Father’s Day!

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