6 Blog Posts to Help You Remember Chiropractic’s 116th Birthday

116 years ago today, on September 18th, 1895, Harvey Lillard told such a funny joke that D.D. Palmer playfully slapped him in the back with a heavy book and it miraculously restored his hearing. Just kidding. No one really believes that, do they? I didn’t think so… well, maybe they do at National University of [...]

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30 Links to Celebrate Dr. B.J. Palmer’s Birthday

On this day, September 10th, in 1882, Bartlett Joshua (B.J.) Palmer entered the world. At that time, the discovery of Chiropractic by Daniel David (D.D.) Palmer was still 13 years away. Little did anyone suspect that a great profession would soon be founded by the father, nor did anyone suspect that the son would champion [...]

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BJ Palmer Audio on Why Chiropractic Technique Matters

I heard this audio on Dr. Joe Ierano’s website last week and thought it would be great to add the voice of the “Developer of Chiropractic” here. Click on the link below to listen. Enjoy! BJ Palmer on Concept Therapy

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Historical Doctors’ Grudge Match: B.J. Palmer vs Charles Mayo

By L. Ted Frigard, DC, PhC In the early 20th century, Dr. Charles Mayo, physician, surgeon, and co-founder of the famed Mayo Brothers Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, brought his wife for treatment to the Dr. B.J. Palmer Chiropractic Research Clinic in Davenport, Iowa. Dr. Mayo had taken his wife to other physicians, including doctors in [...]

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Germs Are Scavengers

Once again, straight out of Volume I – The Science of Chiropractic, it is the man himself, Dr. B.J. Palmer. “All therapeutics, with very few exceptions, occupy the ridiculous position that malposition (subluxation) of the articular surfaces of the joints, more especially of the vertebral column, do not exist.” “There is as much difference between [...]

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Words of Wisdom From The Great Dr. Ralph Gregory

(Editor’s note: I wrote this over a year ago when I was still an intern at Parker College of Chiropractic.) Recently, I went and spoke with one of our student clinic doctors, who just happens to be an AO practitioner. We talked for a good hour and he gave me some really good material to [...]

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11 Links to Help You Remember B.J. Palmer’s Birthday

Many of us in the chiropractic profession remember the great B.J. Palmer on his birthday each year on September 10th. B. J. Palmer revolutionized the chiropractic profession with HIO and with his volumnous writings entitled the green books. He even saved the radio industry from collapsing long ago. Here are some B.J. Palmer-related links from [...]

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Great Footage of B.J. Palmer and a Word on The Atlas of Life Forum

January is still out of town this week. So in her place, I thought this video would suffice. It has some great footage of B.J. Palmer. Enjoy! On a side note, you will notice at the very top of your screen there is no longer a button labeled FORUM. That is because Ning, the website [...]

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Old Dad Chiro: D.D. Palmer’s Discovery of Chiropractic

“There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time is come.” -Victor Hugo This blog would not be complete without telling the story of the discovery of chiropractic, a term coined by Methodist Minister Samuel H. Weed in 1896, meaning “done by hand” in Greek. [...]

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The Positive Effects of Training Under the Late Dr. E.L. “Bud” Crowder

The following are excerpts from an interview I did with Dr. John Goodfellow. Enjoy! Dr. Brandon Harshe: Can you tell us about your training with Dr. E.L. “Bud” Crowder? Dr. John Goodfellow: “I first saw Dr. Crowder during my second trimester. I was taking the last Erhardt Radiology seminar and Dr. Crowder often attended. When [...]

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