Consulting With Chiromatrix & iMatrix: An Interview With Teigha Jennings

Teigha Jennings works for ChiroMatrix, a subsidiary of iMatrix, where she consults with hundreds of Chiropractors about their websites and Internet marketing overall. I had the chance to speak with her recently and wanted to interview her for the blog. Thankfully, she obliged. I am grateful Teigha took time out of her busy schedule to [...]

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Best of the Bay 2010: An Interview with Dr. Mariza Snyder

Dr. Mariza Snyder is someone who is clearly making a difference in her community through Upper Cervical Chiropractic care. After reading her interview, and realizing that I can really identify with a lot of what she says, I was not disappointed. Now it is your turn to read and enjoy! As always, I’m grateful to Dr. [...]

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Chiropractic Gut Check: An Interview With Dr. Mychal Beebe

I first met Dr. Mychal Beebe at Upper Cervical Evolution in 2009 while we were both still chiropractic students. Since then, we have conversed every so often through Facebook. I saw Dr. Beebe again a few weeks ago at Upper Cervical Fusion in San Jose, CA, and after seeing her speak on stage briefly, I [...]

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Raising 5 Children with Chiropractic: An Interview with Karen McMinn

Karen McMinn has been a regular on The Atlas of Life, often commenting throughout the week on various blog posts. She is married to Dr. Richard McMinn, who practices in Hove in East Sussex in the UK. They have 5 kids, all who were born at home and raised with chiropractic care their entire lives. [...]

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A Chiropractic Legend’s Simple Wisdom: An Interview With Dr. James Sigafoose

For those of you who have kept up with The Atlas of Life for the previous 18 months of its existence will know that I’ve done a number of interviews. I think the number is around 55 at this point. In all instances, I make it a point to come up with good quality questions [...]

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Knowledgeable Chiropractic Historian: An Interview With Dr. Steve Agocs Part 2

As expected, I am posting Part 2 of Dr. Steve Agoc’s interview today. Enjoy! Dr. Brandon Harshe: You are very knowledgeable about the history of chiropractic. What is it about chiropractic history that interests you? Dr. Steve Agocs: “My love for chiropractic history goes back to my research stage when I was an undergrad and [...]

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Knowledgeable Chiropractic Historian: An Interview With Dr. Steve Agocs Part 1

Dr. Steve Agocs and I have had the chance to interact quite a bit between Facebook and email and I have always been impressed with his knowledge of chiropractic history. The guy is like a walking chiropractic encyclopedia. His interview was just as interesting, in my humble opinion. He also wrote one of my favorite [...]

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An Interview with ChiroHosting Marketing Director Rod Campbell

Recently, I was contacted by Rod Campbell, the marketing director for ChiroHosting, a company dedicated to helping chiropractors build websites and market themselves on the Internet. As chiropractors, we face an uphill battle in getting our message out to the general public. Rod has taken on a mission of helping chiropractors change this. As a [...]

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Setting The Upper Cervical Record Straight: A 2nd Interview With Dr. Ray Drury

Dr. Ray Drury gets the distinction of being the first person to be interviewed twice on The Atlas of Life. I first interviewed him in February of 2009, just a few weeks after I started this blog. A lot has been going on in the Upper Cervical Chiropractic community since then, and a lot of [...]

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Helping Chiropractic Regain Its Identity: An Interview With Dr. Shawn Dill

I have been looking forward to getting this interview up on The Atlas of Life for sometime. And I do mean “some” time. Dr. Shawn Dill has been very active in helping put together the curriculum for the upcoming Upper Cervical Diplomate program. He is also very active at Life Chiropractic College West, where he [...]

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