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How the Story of Masha & Dasha Krivoshlyopova Relates to Chiropractic

(Editor’s note: This article can be found at The new mother was told that her twin babies had died after birth. However the truth was far different: they were sent to an institute near Moscow to be studied. This was to be the fate of “Masha” and “Dasha”, one of the most unusual sets [...]

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8 Links To Teach You About Innate Intelligence

Here are some links to blog posts I put together explaining the various properties of Innate Intelligence. I enjoyed writing them and I hope you enjoy reading them. The Mastermind Behind the Masterpiece - From the smallest atom to the tiniest amoeba to the sprouting plant bud to the enormous blue whale, everything has a certain [...]

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Holy OUCH Batman!!!

I saw this on Youtube recently. I am posting this because I want everyone to know this is NOT Chiropractic at all. In fact, if I wanted to hurt someone really bad, this would be a great way to do it. I think if I practiced Chiropractic like this, I would be turned into the [...]

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Chiropractic Didn’t Work

(Editor’s note: This blog post was written by Dr. Adam Tanase for his Check the Neck blog.) Whenever I hear someone say that “chiropractic didn’t work” for their problem, I can’t help but ask them to describe their experience, and discuss treatments they received. Almost inevitably, I hear about hot packs, electrodes, and the infamous [...]

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Dr. Ian Bulow recently made one of the best Chiropractic videos I’ve ever seen, and I wanted to share it with you here today. Enjoy!

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Sublata Causa Tollitur Effectus

Some of you may be wondering what in the world this Latin phrase means. In short, it means the effect will leave when the cause is removed. In essence, this could be the motto of Chiropractic. In medicine, however, the effect is looked at as the cause. When people get a headache, they are given [...]

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Great Book to Point People to: The Antioxidant Counter

For those of you that have read this blog for a while, you will remember how I used to do interviews with Chiropractors, students, and patients. Two of those interviews were with Dr. Lauren Clum and Dr. Mariza Snyder. The reason why I bring these two up is because they recently co-authored their first book [...]

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Moving Beyond the Lightning Bolts

When the average person thinks about Chiropractic, chances are they don’t understand what Chiropractic really is. Who can blame them? The Chiropractic profession has done a bad job of explaining itself to the public. For decades it was the doormat of the AMA, subject to constant persecution and ridicule. Most of the stigma from that [...]

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If You Didn’t Get the Memo, Here It Is: Chiropractors are NOT Healers

Lately I’ve been stumbling across a number of publications and articles citing Chiropractors as healers. This article, in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, cites a Chiropractic healer as having the following four attributes: -Touch and Intentionality -Empathy and Compassion -Effective Communication -Healing Presence and Spirituality Now don’t get me wrong, those attributes are [...]

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Talking TIC #1: Attack of the Chicken Pox

Today is our inaugural Talking TIC episode. In case you didn’t know, TIC is short for ChiropracTIC. Thus, we will talk about something Chiropractic related every week. This week we talk about the benefits of Chiropractic care in kids since birth, as well as the joys of having five kids with the chicken pox… all [...]

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