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A Reminder on the Importance of Ergonomics

Here is a really good video on how to properly position yourself when working on a laptop. It’s no secret that for many people, posture and pain are two things that usually accompany computer work. This is a good reminder we can all follow, myself included. Enjoy!  

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How to Get More Energy for Healing, Digestion, and Thinking

“Better than 90% of the brain’s output is directed towards maintaining your body in its gravitational field.  Therefore, the less energy one spends on one’s posture, the more energy is available for healing, digestion and thinking.”  -Roger Sperry, 1981 Nobel Prize winner for brain research The first cervical vertebra, Atlas or C1, is the most [...]

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Putting Bricks in Your Purse and Wearing it on Your Shoulder = BAD

This post is primarily for the female readers of this blog, though if you are a man and wear one of those “man-bags” or “murses,” I suppose this is for you, too. If you are anything like my wife January, and you put bricks in your purse to make it as heavy as you can [...]

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How Many Drug Ads are in Your Magazines?

(Editor’s note: This was originally written by Dr. Adam Tanase for his Check the Neck blog.) I picked up an issue of Woman’s Day magazine this afternoon. This is one of the many freebie magazines that get sent to my chiropractic practice. Their slogan is “Live Well Every Day,” so they must think I’m going [...]

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Your Health Decision: Taking It On the Chin or Instant Gratification?

Get rich quick. 0% down, 100% financing. Lose 10 lbs in one weekend. Gain 20 lbs of muscle in one month. Get your gall bladder removed. Take a painkiller to dull that pain. Get a gastric bypass to lose 100 lbs in 6 months. Get a liposuction with your c-section like all the movie stars. [...]

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A Lesson From the Shark Tank on ABC

(Editor’s note: this blog post was originally written by Dr. Adam Tanase on June 6th, 2011 for his Check the Neck blog.) Last week I watched an episode of Shark Tank. The “contestant” was Joe Moore, creator of the First Defense Nasal Screen. Regardless of what you think about the value of this product, Joe [...]

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Chiropractic Works From Womb to Tomb

Last week I had a couple that started care in my office who inquired if I see kids or not. I informed them that I did, and added that I will see people from “womb to tomb.” Here’s why. The birth process can be physically taxing for the baby AND the mother, no matter how [...]

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How the Story of Masha & Dasha Krivoshlyopova Relates to Chiropractic

(Editor’s note: This article can be found at Chirowebs.net.) The new mother was told that her twin babies had died after birth. However the truth was far different: they were sent to an institute near Moscow to be studied. This was to be the fate of “Masha” and “Dasha”, one of the most unusual sets [...]

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Great Book to Point People to: The Antioxidant Counter

For those of you that have read this blog for a while, you will remember how I used to do interviews with Chiropractors, students, and patients. Two of those interviews were with Dr. Lauren Clum and Dr. Mariza Snyder. The reason why I bring these two up is because they recently co-authored their first book [...]

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Moving Beyond the Lightning Bolts

When the average person thinks about Chiropractic, chances are they don’t understand what Chiropractic really is. Who can blame them? The Chiropractic profession has done a bad job of explaining itself to the public. For decades it was the doormat of the AMA, subject to constant persecution and ridicule. Most of the stigma from that [...]

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