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The Atlas of Life, Chiropractor Directory, Chiropractic DirectoryWelcome to The Atlas of Life Chiropractor Directory. We are not only providing quality information on the science, art, and philosophy of chiropractic, upper cervical or full spine, but also assisting you in finding a chiropractor in your area.

Chiropractic is about removing interference to the nervous system so that proper communication can take place between the brain and body.

Upper cervical chiropractic focuses on the top two vertebrae in the neck, C1 and C2, because of their close proximity to the brain stem area. Traditional chiropractic focuses on the entire spine, including the C1 and C2 vertebrae. Each listing will be noted accordingly so as not to add confusion to your search.

This directory is dedicated to providing the most up-to-date and complete information available to assist you in your search.

There are two ways to find a chiropractor in your area: You can use the “Chiropractor Search” at the top of the sidebar to the right. Or you can simply click on a region in the sidebar and search for a chiropractor that way.

Information includes practice name, address, contact info, website URL, and map. Technique and, if any, adjusting instrument(s) will be listed, as well as other practice equipment such as instrumentation, x-ray, etc. A Google map will also be provided with each listing.

If you are seeing a chiropractor listed here, or have seen one listed here, feel free to leave a testimonial describing how they have helped you in the section just below the listing itself.

If you are a chiropractor looking to submit a directory listing, you can click on the “Directory Submission” tab at the top of this page, or you can click here.


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